About Us


Who are we?

GCC is a third party organization that was made to bring separate gaming communities together. Our organization is taking a three-pronged approach to increasing cross-community interactions: cross-community news, cross-community events, and our inclusive membership opportunity with GCC. We aren’t a community 🙂

Vision Statement

Our vision is to become an inter-community association bound by respect, fairness, and cooperation to create a network of gaming organizations that support community partnerships and growth for all parties.

Mission Statement

Our aim is to implement and enforce basic standards and benchmarks of regulation to support cooperation and increase communication between communities. We want to help increase collaboration by starting cross-community events and live-streamed meetings to catalyze individual community growth and cooperation. We established requirements for entry and membership standards not to enforce harsh regulations, but to ensure every member community of GCC already adheres to good principles. We strive to bring in more communities to add voices to the conversation to help grow the scope and size of the gaming community scene as a whole.


A primary goal of GCC is to create a framework of basic standards for all prominent communities while also maintaining the complete freedom for communities to create and enforce their own policy without having an intrusive presence in their affairs.

The following are standards all communities with a membership with GCC will be held to. Members of GCC must:

  • Make sure community leadership maintain a respectable atmosphere with its members
  • Hold the community’s staff accountable for upholding and enforcing that community’s values and responsibilities
  • Pledge to prioritize involvement in events that the community agrees to participate in

Communities with a GCC membership must also delegate one or more community ambassadors to serve as a representative for their community, depending on its size. The community ambassador will help GCC with the following:

  • Act as a mediator between GCC and the community if drama pops up
  • Help brainstorm new ways to increase cross-community collaboration
  • Coordinate their community’s teams during the cross-community events that the ambassador’s community signed up for
  • Help network GCC staff members with the correct members of the ambassador’s community when necessary

GCC members also must delegate two community advisors to serve as representatives of the community’s upper management, speaking on behalf of the community’s interests. The advisor will do the following:

  • Attend a monthly meeting held for advisors and GCC staff
  • Discuss community interests at times when drama pops up
  • Update the networking team and GCC directors at times when major changes in their community affect their relationship with GCC or other communities
  • Decide who the community ambassadors are and manage them

How GCC is Funded

All donations received by community patrons and organizations will be funneled directly into a savings account to be used for any necessary GCC expenditures, including prizes, a Premium WordPress account or expansionary plans. We will not profit from any of the donations we receive.

At the same time, that means that our entire organization is funded entirely by community donations and sponsorships, so any support is greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in donating to GCC or would like to learn more about our sponsorship packages, please use our contact page to speak with one of our staff members!