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GCC General Rules ~ Applies to All!

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GCC General Rules


These set of rules apply to all groups and websites, including but not limited to: Forum, Discord, and Steam Group.

Effective 2018/01/23


1) The sites should remain civil at all times. Do not intentionally start arguments -- and even if it wasn’t intentional, try to defuse the situation instead of escalating it.

2) When posting on any servers/groups/websites owned by GCC, conduct yourself with integrity, respect, and common sense. This means no racism, sexism, homophobia, or otherwise insensitive/inappropriate material (including gore).

3) Do not advertise or otherwise recruit players/staff members for other servers and/or communities.

4) Do not private message (or otherwise contact) players begging for items and/or services.

5) You may not ask for reputation, not even for services. Players can choose themselves to give you reputation or not.

6) Spamming isn’t allowed over text and voice channels. Do not play music, memes, loud screaming, or any other disruptive audio. This rule does not apply in areas designated by staff members to allow this type of behavior. Constantly talking in the voice chat over long periods of time also counts as mic-spam. If requested to stop what you’re doing, especially by a staff member, you should do so.

7) No impersonation of other players or staff members. Additionally, let people speak for themselves. Don’t put words into other people’s mouths.

8) All posts must be done in English.

9) Keep all posts on topic per each section, except for any areas designated by a staff member to be used for off-topic posts.

10) If you have any suggestions, leave it in areas designated by staff members.

11) Staff members have the final say in all arguments.


Violation of these rules may result in a loss of privileges, mute, and ban.

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