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Hello, I would like to request everyone's help on keeping GCC alive.
We right now have 9 Event Coordinators, most of them are inactive, and we need new blood to make fun weekly events with a prize, money. Now you may ask yourself, why would I help if I can just enter the tournament and try to get the money? Well, without help there won't be events, and without events there won't be any money to give to the winners. Another question that you may ask yourself is, how much time will I need to spend to help run those events? Not that much, maybe only 2 to 3 hours weekly. If you are interested please pm either Runda or I.

Q: Can I help organize the events and enter them?
A: Yes.

Q: Would I need to leave my community to help you guys out?
A: No, you can still be on your community and help us out.

Q: Will I need to spend any money at all?
A: No.

Q: Will I get paid something?
A: Unfortunately not.

Q: Can I still shitpost and be a meme?
A: Yes.




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